Phone Phreaking : Dumpster Diving

In retrospect, it seems pretty simple: to find out more about the telephone system, just go through the garbage of a telephone company office, to see what they throw out. Among the coffee rinds and the stale donuts you'll more than likely find old manuals, papers, instructions and whatever else they thought was useless but which you considered gold. These files explain this simple process.

Description of the Textfile
basictra.txt 8518
Basic Trashing Manual by The Blue Buccaneer
bell.trashing 3840
Bell Trashing by The Dragyn
garbage.phk 3897
Bell Trashing, by The Dragyn
mt.hac 7108
More on Trashing from 2600 Magaine, by The Kid & Co. and The Shadow
oc007.txt 27224
Dumpster Diving in Long Island Part II by Cypher
trash.phk 6923
More on Trashing: What to Look For, How to Act, Where to Go, by The Kid Co. and Shadow (2600, Sept. 1984)
trash.txt 7025
More on Trashing by Kid & Co. and the Shadow, from 2600
trash1.rdt 16077
Dumpster Insights: Report #1 (NET/NYNEX) by Count Zero and Brian Oblivion
trash2.txt 15918
The Ultimate Guide to Trashing: It's Not Fun, It's Science!
trash3.phk 3493
Trashing Techniques, by The Underground Alliance, who apparently rule.
trashin2.txt 2977
Advanced Trashing Techniques by Jimmy Z
trashing.hac 6845
Better Homes and Trashing, by The Saint
trashing.phk 3892
Bell Trashing, by The Dragyn
trashinguide.txt 7312
Trashing: The Guide, by Crashd (March 31, 1999)
trashis.phk 5893
Basic Trashing Manual, written by the Blue Buccaneer
trashng.phk 6704
Better Homes and Trashing, by The Saint
trshdisk.ana 1822
Basics of Trashing, by The Grim Trasher

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