BBS Textfiles: The Mindvox Collection

These files are the menus that would be displayed to users at various points on MindVox. Most give a hint as to the different features that MindVox made available, including customized chat systems and unusual commands. There are a number of unusual "~" strings sprinkled throughout these files; they were used by the system software to replace them with the user's name, password, or other information.

Note that in some cases, several revisions of the same general menu appear here, snapshots into the feature set of Mindvox over the years.

All materials are (C) Copyright 1991-2001, MindVox, Inc. and are posted on with their permission. Please contact MindVox if you wish to duplicate them.

Description of the Textfile
admin 856
MENU: Mindvox Phantom Access Commands (Administration)
browse 829
MENU: Mindvox Browse Commands
chat 739
MENU: Mindvox CHAT Selector
chat.rev 891
MENU: Mindvox Chat Selections (Revision)
current-menu.rev 1361
MENU: Mindvox Main Menu Commands (Revision)
edit 580
MENU: Mindvox Editing Syntax
editors 669
MENU: Editor Selection Mode
files 683
MENU: Mindvox Archives Library
games 622
MENU: Mindvox Single-Player Games Selection
guestmenu 1378
MENU: Mindvox Guest Commands Menu
home 824
MENU: Mindvox Home Directory Commands
home.rev 1234
MENU: Mindvox File Manipulation, User Configuration Commands (Revision)
internet 925
MENU: Mindvox Internet Commands
internet.rev 855
MENU: Mindvox Internet Services (Revision)
join 658
MENU: Mindvox JOIN Menu
loadhome 195
MENU: How to Load Files from your Home Directory
mail 1131
MENU: Mindvox MAIL Menu
main 1061
MENU: Mindvox Main Menu Commands
main.old 661
MENU: Mindvox Main Menu (Original)
more 576
MENU: Mindvox MORE Explanation
old.home.rev 1217
MENU: Mindvox Home Directory Menu (Revision)
oldmain.rev 1091
MENU: Mindvox Old Main Menu Commands (Revision)
prejoin 739
MENU: How to Configure your JOIN List
protocols 191
MENU: File Transfer Protocol Selection
scan 1148
MENU: Mindvox FORUMS Syntax
settings.rev 1025
MENU: Mindvox Settings Display (Revision)
short 272
MENU: Mindvox Fast Menu
terminals 755
MENU: Mindvox Terminal Emulation Settings

There are 28 files for a total of 23,166 bytes.