BBS Textfiles: The Mindvox Collection

An insight into the thinking process of the author of "Voices in My Head", this is an aborted attempt at an all-inclusive "MindVox Manual" that would explain all aspects of the BBS to users. Most sections are extremely incomplete (with the exception of the Internet section, which is rather encompassing all its own) and contain interesting notes of where the writing was going to lead.

All materials are (C) Copyright 1991-2001, MindVox, Inc. and are posted on with their permission. Please contact MindVox if you wish to duplicate them.

Description of the Textfile
00.toc 633
MindVox Manual: 00. Table of Contents (Notes)
01.intro 3286
MindVox Manual: 01. Introduction to MindVox
02.access 108
MindVox Manual: 02. Connecting with MindVox (Incomplete Notes)
03.accounts 1496
MindVox Manual: 03. Accounts and Billing
04.mindvox 153
MindVox Manual: 04. Exploring Mindvox (Incomplete)
05.settings 1166
MindVox Manual: 05. Creating Your Environment and Your Settings
06.forums 97
MindVox Manual: 06. Forums (Incomplete)
07.mail 3809
MindVox Manual: 07. Mail
08.archives 261
Mindvox Manual: 08. Archives on Mindvox (Incomplete)
09.home 229
MindVox Manual: 09. Your Home Area (Incomplete)
10.chatting 70
MindVox Manual: 10. Real-Time Chatting (Incomplete)
11.internet 40331
MindVox Manual: 11. Using the Internet 72
MindVox Manual: 12. The Games (Incomplete)
13.professional-services 87
MindVox Manual: 13. Professional Users (Incomplete)
14.slip-ppp 102
MindVox Manual: 14. SLIP and PPP (Incomplete)
15.appendices 385
MindVox Manual: 15. Appendices
16.index 79
MindVox Manual: 16. Index of The Manual (Incomplete)

There are 17 files for a total of 52,364 bytes.