BBS Textfiles: The Mindvox Collection

A smattering of MindVox related documents that appeared on the BBS, including explanations of the chat system, user agreement, and the systems that MindVox was hosted on. The "shell" file, which was shown to users who had been given access to the UNIX shell of MindVox, is particularly amusing and full of a number of in-jokes.

All materials are (C) Copyright 1991-2001, MindVox, Inc. and are posted on with their permission. Please contact MindVox if you wish to duplicate them.

Description of the Textfile
address 609
Address to Mindvox Technologies
bufu 840
Bufu The Bird Welcomes You to VOXChat
complimentary 4016
Introductory Letter to MindVox Complimentary Accounts 738
MENU: Mindvox Home Directory Menu
dock.menudone 975
MENU: Mindvox Member Directory
legal 6626
Mindvox Legal Statement: Terms and Conditions (April 1, 1992)
mv.hardware 1755
A Listing of Mindvox Related Hardware and Software
shell 6403
Introduction to the Mindvox Shell Access Command

There are 8 files for a total of 21,962 bytes.