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Description of the Textfile
bandplan.asc 14080
FCC Allocation Listing (August, 1989)
config.asc 39832
Your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT, by Barry Simon (1986)
config.txt 7853
Configuring VPIC (VGA Chips)
hayescmd.asc 8576
A 2400 Baud Hayes Modem Command Listing, by David Scheall
spud.asc 5128
Pay-Up Time for Shareware, by Patrician Keefe (April 1st, 1991)
tones2.asc 15869
Description of the TONES2 Program by Roberto Artigas (November 29, 1992)
virus.asc 80195
The Dirty Dozen: An Uploaded Program Alert List by Eric Newhouse and Tom Neff (April 4, 1988)
vpic.doc 52019
The VPIC Users' Manual (A Picture File Viewing Conversion Program) by Bob Montgomery (1990)
vpic.txt 6759
The VPIC v4.6 Reference Card, by Bob Montgomery (1991)

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