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40laws.asc 23018
Keely's 40 Laws of Vibration
7thpsi.asc 7876
A Synopsis of the Discoveries of John W. Keely, by Jerry W. Decker (1988)
acoulev.asc 11798
Information on an Antigravity Sound Device, presented by Pat Parrinello (May 1st, 1995)
acousamp.asc 5190
Information on Acoustic "Colors" by Michael A. Kisley (May 9th, 1995)
acousto1.asc 3955
Acoustophoresis: A New Separation Concept by Jack Veach
airship1.asc 41217
A Newton Of the Mind: The Propeller of Keely's Airship Described. (August 5th, 1989)
airship2.asc 21291
History of the Mystery Airship Sightings in the late 1800's (March 3rd, 1990)
airship3.asc 4207
Excerpts from A Breakthrough to New Free Energy Sources (March 14, 1990)
airship4.asc 18451
Analysis of the 1897 Airships by Jerry W. Decker (June 18th, 1991)
aqua1.asc 8660
The Theory and Formula of Aqueous Disintegration
augforc.asc 9724
The Amplitude of Force, by W. J. Colville (1894)
belizal.asc 8215
A Technique of Viewing the Aura by Using a Microwave Tesla Coil (August 17, 1994)
brinton.asc 14796
Keely's Physical Philosophy by Professor D. G. Brinton M.D. of the University of Pennsylvania
cavity1.asc 7780
The Four Basic Types of Cavation, by Dale Pond (January 1st, 1995)
chladni1.asc 5014
MiniBio: Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni (January 4th, 1990)
color1.asc 20460
Some Color Theory Basics (January 14th, 1991)
crystal1.asc 4951
Scanning Masers for Information Retrieval (December 22, 1990)
danart1.asc 35789
A Chapter from "A Breakthrough to New Free Energy Sources": "Keely"
disint1.asc 35335
Mineral Disintegration and More of Keely's Work and Stumbling Blocks (February 27th, 1991)
dive1.asc 2798
Acoustic Diver Beacons (December 20th, 1990)
geo180.asc 11792
Messages relating to Phasing and Where the Energy Goes (May 22nd, 1995)
gnostic.asc 8824
Gnosticism vs. Agnosticism by Aldebaran (Keely)
grad1.asc 8673
The Graduation of Machines by Keely
hindsite.asc 9762
Hindsite: The Life of John Ernst Worrell Keely (February 27th, 1991)
human1.asc 14786
Man: The Human Reciever, by Bob Groves (September 14th, 1994)
keelbio1.asc 5717
A Mini-Bio of John Ernst Worrell Keely
keelhoax.asc 10539
The Keely Motor Hoax (1924)
keely1.asc 29354
John Keely's Perpetual Motion Machine (December 29, 1990)
keely2.asc 9107
The Death of John Keely (June 28th, 1991)
keely3.asc 6340
The Story of the Keely Myth (June 28th, 1991)
keely4.asc 13418
The Keely Motor Fraud (June 28th, 1991)
ketok.asc 4861
Magic Mechanics (May 8th, 1993)
klyanec1.asc 12406
A Run on the Stock Market, by Dale Pond, Dan Davidson, and Victor Hansen
klyanent.asc 20984
Description of Keely's Motor, from an Engineer of the Time (October 12, 1995)
klybrain.asc 22053
One Phase of Keely's Discovery in its Relation to the Cure of Disease (May 23rd, 1990)
klymot1.asc 9546
John Keely's Mystery Motor (November 5th, 1990)
laser1.asc 5251
A Laser Taster (December 20, 1990)
mayacous.asc 24742
Musing About the Soundscape: Mayan Ruins and Unexplained Acoustics (Octobr 28th, 1995)
molestru.asc 7938
On the Structure of the Molecule (From keely)
neutral1.asc 16260
Vanguard Physics: Using Keely's Neutral Centre as the Basis of Creation, by Jerry Decker (August 21, 1990)
noisecnc.asc 10514
Technology Report: Silence is Gold for Companies: Experiments Seek Noise Reduction (February 26th, 1993)
puha1.asc 8454
Vibrations that Split Molecures and Produce Energy (May 6th, 1990)
rev1.asc 14875
A Brief History of Reverse Speech (September 11, 1990)
rev2.asc 12742
Reverse Speech, from David Oates (September 11th, 1990)
rfp1.asc 41202
Who Was John W. Keely?
saser.asc 13881
A SASER: The Idea of a Sound Laser (October 15, 1994)
sci1899.asc 9591
Investigations at the Keely Laboratory (August 30th, 1989)
snell1.asc 15214
Keely's Secrets, 1888 (April 30, 1990)
sonolum1.asc 11477
Flashes Might Yield Clues About Fusion (October 26th, 1991)
sonolum2.asc 4221
Making Light of Sound in Solitary Bubbles (November 24th, 1994)
soundkem.asc 2852
Sound Wave Chemistry, from Science Digest (October 6, 1994)
speaker.asc 2900
Acoustic Radiation Test using An Electric Guitar (November 7th, 1992)
timerev1.asc 9148
Time-Reversed Sound Waves Resonate Among Physicists, by James Glanz (November 20th, 1994)
ultima.asc 9346
On the Ultimate Constitution of Matter and the Action of the Force Regulating its Phenomena (August 30th, 1989)
veda1.asc 18484
The Vedas: Mantras, Mandalas, The Krell Helmet, and John Keely, by John W. Decker, Director of Vanguard Sciences

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