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100dying.asc 9827
100 Ways to Avoid Dying, by Tim Clark (April 4, 1991)
10com.asc 3282
The 10 Commandsments for Technicians
adam.asc 5324
Adam, by Nicholas Biel (October 22, 1992)
art-erot.asc 46930
AE: Artificial Eroticism (November 26, 1990)
atomic1.asc 8284
Construction Project, Atom Bomb (April 24, 1990) Courtesy of the InterOcitor
barney_m.asc 11684
The Anti-Barney League's Barney Must Die Newsletter (Issue #1) (August 21, 1993)
beer.asc 3120
Why Beer is Better Than Women (March 8th, 1992)
best1001.asc 24998
The Best 1001 Jokes (October 29, 1990)
best1002.asc 28577
The Other Best 1001 Jokes (November 5, 1990)
blooprs1.asc 13776
The World According to Student Bloopers, by Richard Lederer, St. Paul's School (August 17, 1990)
chiklens.asc 4671
Contact Lenses for Hens? By Tony Rogers of the Dallas Morning News (December 3, 1989)
clinton.asc 2045
The Bill Clinton Statue Committee
condom.asc 825
National Condom Week Slogans
condom1.asc 1430
Condoms and the Law (May 4th, 1991)
corpdef.asc 3420
Corporate Structure Definitions (October 4th, 1990)
dark1.asc 5838
The Universal Theory of Daek (August 25th, 1991)
darkbulb.asc 6185
The Darkbulb, by James L. DeLucas
disd.asc 2531
The Dallas Independent School District High School Math Proficiency Exam
freeman.asc 11666
TText of a Somewhat Weird Classified Ad in The Local Paper, from Gerald O'Docharty (February 18, 1994)
husband.asc 1109
The Chain Letter for Unhappy Wives
impure.asc 3808
Impure Mathematics, by Richard A. Gibbs
man.asc 5812
A Chemical Analysis of a Digitated, Mammalian Biped (November 7th, 1992)
moseshew.asc 5524
A Memor to Moses from HEW by James E. Mignard, Ph.D.
murfsex.asc 4984
Murphy's Laws on Sex
nursing.asc 848
The Top 10 Things That Will Get You Thrown Out of a Retirement Home
oldage.asc 1814
A Poem on Old Age (March 8, 1992)
order.asc 6842
The Order, by Dale Lowdermilk
phones.asc 5568
Report of the Technical Committee to Determine Market Opportunities for The Telephone (November 7th, 1992)
phyhum.asc 11320
The New Physics Cirriculum from James "Kibo" Parry (May 9th, 1995)
redneck.asc 3744
You're Most Likely a Redneck if... (December 11, 1990)
revenge.asc 3013
The Rules of Revenge, by David Grant (April 2, 1993)
roach.asc 1006
Search is On for World's Biggest Roach
safe-fax.asc 6340
The Important Rules for Safe Fax (March 14, 1992)
swprayer.asc 2077
The Computer Lord's Prayer (August 24th, 1990)
tao.asc 30270
The Tao of Programming, by Geoffrey James (August 16, 1990)
theplan.asc 1946
In the Beginning There Was the Plan
toads1.asc 1987
Toad Lickers: News You Can Do Without
todd.asc 4615
Attention, All Ye of the Faith!
toonlaw.asc 7061
Cartoon Laws, by Trevor Paquette and Lt. Justin D. Baldwin (August 24, 1990)
trojan.asc 1749
An Unwanted Letter About your Condom Modelling Career

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