BBS Textfiles: Dr. Delam's Collection: CAPTURES

The CAPTURES collection ranges from straight logins of now-gone BBSes, to banners and internals of infrastructure computers. In some cases, there is corruption or broken buffering, and in others it is not entirely clear what is going on. It is not up to me to decide what history needs to know.

Description of the Textfile
0281nums 468
CAPTURE: List of Telephone Numbers in 813 and 407
17xx 2662
CAPTURE: Attemping Break-In of HP Computer THESIS1
2023244 566
CAPTURE: Connecting to The Meta Network & The Iris Online Network via Guest Account
224134 7243
CAPTURE: Getting into TYMNET COnnected System
227 319
CAPTURE: Unknown File, Binary
2441 23312
CAPTURE: Job Tracking, Unknown Computer System
2441.cap 4801
CAPTURE: Job Tracking, Unknown Computer System (September 21, 1992)
2441x 942
CAPTURE: Job Tracking, Unknown Computer System (September 21, 1992)
2441y 734
CAPTURE: Job Tracking, Unknown Computer System (September 21, 1992)
2441z 958
CAPTURE: Job Tracking, Unknown Computer System (September 21, 1992)
2673 297
CAPTURE: Successful Login Via UUCP Account into Unknown XENIX System V Computer
3211325 47058
CAPTURE: Successful Connection and Viewing of Alarm/Security Tracking System (March, 1993)
3219292 84
CAPTURE: Dialing Numbers
5302960 962
CAPTURE: Connection to IBM Information Services, System IBMOSMO2 (October, 1992)
5306662 177127
CAPTURE: Successful Login into ROLM PhoneMail System Via SYSADMIN Account (1992)
5350218 393
CAPTURE: Connection to SAIC Clearwater Micom Terminal Server
5356452 5213
CAPTURE: Random Attempts to Acquire Access at Prompt
5357183 53
CAPTURE: Welcome to Largo CSR/NMS Dialin
6680 1011
CAPTURE: Password File from Unknown UNIX Machine (UniVerse)
9943 48479
CAPTURE: Browsing Through Unknown Security/Alarm System (September, 1992)
9988 503
CAPTURE: Help Menu, Unknown System, Alarms and Traffic
9988.cap 13809
CAPTURE: Unknown Alarm System
Random Captures and Buffers of Hacking, Reading, and Posting Online
afreak 1582
CAPTURE: Short Conversation with Arctic Freak
baddec 951
baddec2 905
betz 35742
CAPTURE: Browsing through random DEC System (VULCAN)
bitsroot 324
CAPTURE: Attempt to Break into MIT System Bitsy
blitzpo 235
CAPTURE: P.O. Box of Blitzkrieg BBS
ccutex 1324
CAPTURES: IP Addresses of Various UTEXTAS.EDU Machines
dad.oag 18234
CAPTURE: Browsing the Official Airline Guides (OAG) Electronic Edition
dec 4188
CAPTURE: Browsing some DEC Services
decnum 321
CAPTURE: Collection of DEC Numbers
di 17177
CAPTURE: Browsing of Viruses on Hard Drive
dirm 3790
CAPTURE: Dir Maintenance
dirx 16414
CAPTURE: Directory of Virus Related Files (1992)
dls 7108
CAPTURE: Download List (June, 1993)
electron 730
CAPTURE: List of Numbers for Temple of the Screaming Electron
erskine 1675
CAPTURES: New User Questionaire, Pirating Board
fantpart 650
CAPTURE: Directions to the Bonfire Party
fucked 9340
CAPTURE: Browse Through Unknown Computer System
gulf3.cap 52704
CAPTURE: Browsing and Using Computer at Holiday Inn Gulfview
hanniba2 30555
CAPTURE: Browse Through Dr. Delam's BBS
hannibal 83361
CAPTURE: Browsing Through Hannibal Lecter, From Sysop Point of View (1992)
hay 1802
CAPTURE: Strategic Information (Haystack Machine) (April 9, 1993)
hay1 17760
CAPTURE: Browsing through Haystack Machine (April, 1993)
haystack 69169
CAPTURE: Browsing Through Haystack Machine (September 18, 1992)
hphelp 13956
CAPTURE: HP Help Files
hplogin 4186
CAPTURE: Browsing through the Weathersfield Data Acquisition Telephone Center HP3000
hypdate 2675
CAPTURE: Dating System Entry Capture
ia 10374
CAPTURE: Browsing Through Infonet System
idaho 1716
CAPTURE: Welcome the Private Idaho BBS
info.t 126
CAPTURE: Dropped Docs on Netwiz
invmedia 319
CAPTURE: Message from Invalid Media
kewlpoem 1301
CAPTURE: Cree Indian Prophecy, in Unrelated Message (May 4, 1993)
knight-erikb-chat.txt 993
CAPTURE: ErikB, Minor Threat, Violator, Knight Lightning, Others Chatting in #hack (1992)
lasershi 4682
CAPTURE: Browsing Through System, Modifying Blowers
lone 2781
CAPTURE: Lonestar Information Services
metrolog 1075
CAPTURE: AT&T Paradyne Metrology
midi 6994
CAPTURE: Discussion of MIDI Hardware with Dream and Dr. Delam
mit#s 3532
CAPTURE: MIT Phone Numbers
mit8-26.cap 106687
CAPTURE: Connecting, Browsing, Leafing through Various Accounts and Places on MIT Server (August, 1992)
mpc 691
CAPTURE: Mailing Address of MPC Systems
nic.txt 3842
CAPTURE: Collection of NIC Users
nissan 511
none 8016
CAPTURE: Connection and Quiz Questions on Computer Curriculum Corporation (1989)
operat 475
CAPTURE: Connection to Vaisala System
operator 3425
CAPTURE: Browsing Vaisala System
pbx1 69701
CAPTURE: Browsing of Telephone Charge System (1992)
pbx407 11512
CAPTURE: Browsing through Bowe Gardens Wire Center Sparton Monitoring System (September, 1992)
pump 15344
CAPTURES: Information and Messages About the Pumpcon Bust (1992)
pwdhaha 753
CAPTURE: Changing the Password System to Passwordless (June, 1992)
pwdshos2 67787
CAPTURE: Browsing through MIT Systems, Telnet List, Hosts
pwdtcom 18293
CAPTURE: Connection to UUNET Machine (1992)
rabbit 2748
CAPTURE: Browsing Catalog of Hardware
rabbit1 1376
CAPTURE: Browsing Catalog of Food
ratracer 697
CAPTURE: Talking to Ratracer, Inclused Phone Number
redbox4.cap 56818
CAPTURE: Heavily Corrupted, Mail Regarding Red Boxes from Count Zero (1992)
redboxs.cap 9289
CAPTURE: Red Box Information
renehack.cap 290
CAPTURE: Renegade Hacking
sean 1125
CAPTURE: This is a Private Computer System
shadow 1184
CAPTURE: Documentation/Information on Shadow/Jerry Hill
sincity 1530
CAPTURE: Sin City BBS Information
soloshot 702
CAPTURE: Suggestion to get book Soloshots
sonicdru 719
CAPTURE: New User Information on Sonic Druid
stollirc.cap 39250
CAPTURE: Clifford Stoll (Author of Cuckoo's Egg) Makes Appearance on IRC
stss 1083
CAPTURE: Listing of Diversi-Dials and Synergy Teleconferencing Systems
sys75.cap 77690
CAPTURE: Random Browsing through System 75 System
sysapwd 12510
CAPTURE: Browsing Through the Weathersfield Data Acquisition Telephone Center HP3000 System
sysb 81
CAPTURE: This Command Requires Account Manager or System Manager Capability
system 1223
CAPTURE: Browsing System 75
tacobell 20846
CAPTURE: Browsing Computer at Taco Bell
tap2.cap 34070
CAPTURE: Logging on and Reading Messages from the Blitzkrieg BBS (1991)
tap3.cap 72286
CAPTURE: Login, Messages and Browsing on the Blitzkrieg BBS (1991)
tapaddr.cap 282
CAPTURE: Address of TAP Magazine (Louisville Kentucky Version)
tbell 761
CAPTURE: Browsing Taco Bell System
techno 603
CAPTURE: BBS Number of Techno-Babel
telix.img 6258
CAPTURE: Various Messages, Logins, ErikB Selling T-Shirts (1992)
texas 1652
CAPTURE: Collection of Systems in Texas
tmod 779
CAPTURE: Name of David Ownby/TMOD
tpaphx.oag 17643
CAPTURE: Browsing through OAG Electronic Edition
unix7093 46765
CAPTURE: Browsing a UNIX 7093 System (1992)
wombatcapture.txt 5402
CAPTURE: Hacking into MIT's Wombat Machine, Tracking MOD, #hack Captures (October, 1991)
x25pad 6144
CAPTURE: Browsing an X25 Pad
x28 1005
CAPTURE: Browsing an X28

There are 105 files for a total of 1,497,593 bytes.